Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Wyoming

Fossil Butte National Monument in southwestern Wyoming

Many years ago I attended a concert by country/folk singer Bill Staines who introduced one of his songs by explaining that Little America, Wyoming, was the only truck stop in America (back then) that was also an incorporated town. Well, yesterday I visited Little America and it was exactly as he described it!

It got me humming his song to myself for the next 150 miles and wondering how many song titles actually have the word "Wyoming" in them. Anyway, here's the song for your enjoyment: Sweet Wyoming Home.

The day started in Pocatello, Idaho where I played chess over the weekend. The results and photos will soon be available on the Idaho Chess Association web site. I parked as close as I could get tio the tri-state marker denoting the junction of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. I will be back to add photos later.

Photo by Jeff Roland, courtesy of Idaho Chess Association

While researching information about places in the U.S. where three states come together I was surprised to learn that 27 such places are actually under water.

Time to hit the road for Lincoln, Nebraska. Will fill in some more details when I next find Internet access.

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