Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prone to corn pone? Lend me your ear

Photo courtesy of Sylvan Dell Publishing's blog

Friends, Nebraskans...you know the rest. I was driving along route 80 in Nebraska today past miles and miles (and hours and hours) of corn fields on both sides of the road. My mind wandered, as it usually does, and I contemplated the many uses of corn. Some of the stalks, especially in the southwest corner of the state, didn't look like they contained anything edible. My instincts were correct.
Here's a list of the uses of corn that I came up with (and a few where I had no idea):

1. Corn on the cob
2. Canned corn
3. Pop corn
4. Paint
5. Cattle feed
6. Pipes
7. Fertilizer
8. Beer
9. Drywall
10. Prescription drugs
11. Corn syrup
12. Instant coffe
13. Toothpaste
14. Paper products
15. Spark plugs
Corn starch is used in the production of the special porcelain used to make spark plugs. Really! source: Agriculture Corner

16. Tires
17. Cosmetics
18. Kitty litter
19. Corn meal
20. Vitamin capsules
21. Chemicals
22. Corn starch
23. Hand soap
24. Halloween costumes
25. Decorations
26. Pesticides
27. Postage stamp glue
28. Packaging tape
29. Muffins
30. Corn pone

There are many more but I need to leave Lincoln for St. Louis. The weather report for the trip looks good.

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Anonymous said...

Not mention whiskey and the Great Boondoggle ethanol.