Thursday, September 15, 2011

Has anyone seen Andrey Kostin?

FIDE rated player Andrey Kostin of Vancouver, BC

Rumor has it that Canadian chess player Andrey Kostin has arrived at Cornell on a math scholarship. Kostin, born 1988, has had many successes over the board, including a first place tie with FIDE Master Fanhao Meng and Lucas Davies at the BC Junior Championship. So far, though, Kostin hasn't appeared at the chess club which meets Monday and Friday evenings in Hollister Hall. There are two other players over 2200 USCF in the club who, together with Kostin, could form the core of a very strong chess team for the upcoming Pan Amrican Intercollegiate Chess Championship and next February's US Amateur Team event in New Jersey.

As far as I can tell, Cornell University hasn't fielded a competitive team since at least 1991. Perhaps this will be the year for a comeback!

Andrey Kostin, rated 2100 FIDE and climbing, shown here in the "King of Vancouver" chess tournament which he won in impressive fashion.

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Andrei B said...

He will drop by the chess club today. Here is his email: