Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gateway to the West

More photos from my trip (text to follow)

The World Chess Hall of Fame (above) recently reopened in St. Louis. It includes the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame, which I have now visited in all four locations (New Windsor NY, Washington D.C. and Miami previously). The centerpiece of the new display is the Morphy Silver, a coin silver beverage set presented to Paul Morphy for winning the American Chess Congress in 1857, and originally donated to the HOF by Steve Doyle in 1986.

I was very pleased to see that the memory of Sidney Samole (his bust shown here) was still prominent in the newly relocated Chess Hall of Fame.

Tony Rich, Executive Director St. Louis Chess Club, 4657 Maryland Avenue, ST. Louis, MO 63108
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GM Ben Finegold's blog

St. Louis Cardinals

Bridge to Cairo IL and Paducah KY

Samantha: In seven tenths of a mile, take the ferry! (Dorena, MO to Hickman, KY)

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