Thursday, April 24, 2014

Upcoming Ohio Valley Chess Tournaments

Pictured above is the 3-D Sculpture in wood of Poseidon's Quake and Poseidon's Phantom by Professor James D. Mellick of Cedarville University in Southern Ohio. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

I received a note from Robert Chenault of Cincinnati concerning upcoming tournaments in Central and Southern Ohio, some of which are not advertised in Chess Life. I am planning to attend the one this weekend, so please stop by and say hello.


This coming Saturday, April 26th - Chess Earth will host the highly anticipated:
Cincy Tornado “Kibitizers” chess tournament (Game in 60 with 5 second delay)
Register online - Entry Fee $25 or pay $30 at site. Visa, MasterCard, Amex accepted at site. First Baptist Church (corner of Winton Rd. and Sharon Rd.)


May 9 – CCC Loves Quick Chess Tournament –

May 10 – Cincinnati vs. Dayton - Chess Match held at the Dayton Chess Club. and

May 16 – Women’s Championship -

May 17 – Ohio Elementary State Championship –

May 17 – Blunders & Hypocrites – Cincy Tornado -

May 23-25 – 56th Gem City Open –
5-SS, 30/90 d5, SD/60 d5 (2-day schedule, rd. 1 G/90 d5) at Dayton Chess Club, 18 West 5th St., Dayton, OH 45402. PRIZE FUND GUARANTEED 3 sections: OPEN, open to all. GTD $1200, 800, 501, 400, 301; U2000: $500, 300 Premier-U1800. $501, 301; U1600: $500, 300 Reserve-U1400. $501, 301; U1200: $500, 300. EF: 3-day $88, 2-day $89 if mailed or registered online by 5/16, then $98 at site 2 or 3 day. Free to SM & above-($85 deducted from winnings), DCC mbrs $5 disc. Ohio Grand Prix event, OCA members deduct $3 from EF. 3-day schedule: Reg. Fri. 5- 6:30pm, Rds.: Fri 7pm; Sat 2pm, 7:30pm; Sun 9:30am, 3pm. 2-day schedule: Reg. Sat. 8:30- 9:30am. Rd.1 at 10am, then merges with 3-day. Re-entry: $30. Any player who loses Fri night may re-enter for $30 and loss will not count in tournament standings. One 1/2 pt bye available in Rds. 1-4 (request prior to R1). Unrated players may play in any section with prizes limited to 1/3 except in OPEN with balance to next player(s). $25 upset prize each section.
CROWN PLAZA HOTEL “Where Elegance Meets Style in the Heart of Downtown” beautiful 4 star hotel at 33 E 5th St., 1/2 block from playing site, (888)-233-9527, with the incredible rate of only $89/nite (up to 4) plus tax, ask for Gem City Open rate, 9 May cutoff, reserve early (soccer tmt coming to town the same weekend), free parking and a magnificent view of the Miami Valley from the restaurant on the top floor. FREE COFFEE, TEA, & Donuts Saturday and Sunday Mornings at the Dayton Chess Club for players, parents, and spouses. ENTRIES Mail to Dayton Chess Club, 18 West 5th St., Dayton, OH 45402. ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. No cks at site.

May 30 – Bug House Championship -


June 6 – Tim Lake Tandem Team Chess Tournament -

June 14 – Summer Pawn Storm XXIII -

June 21 – Emotional Chess – Cincy Tornado -

June 27-29 – Columbus Open –


July 11 – CCC Quick Chess Championship Day -

July 12 – Heat Wave Pawn Storm XXIV -

July 19 – Unorthodox Openings – Cincy Tornado -

July 25-27 – Ohio Masters and

For further information, contact .

My last visit to the site of this weekend's tournament at First Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH on Nov. 9, 2013

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