Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Updated Coverage - 2013 SPGI

Quote of the Day - "Here is a real treat. The Armageddon playoff game from the Blitz Championship held July 22, 2013. Both girls are co-champions, equal in every way. But the trophy itself needed to be decided as to who got to take that home. This game decided that. In an Armageddon game, White had to win and got 5 minutes (no delay), Black had draw odds, meaning she could draw and still win, but had only 3 minutes. Becca had won the coin toss and chose to be Black with the 3 minutes with draw odds. What followed was incredibly exciting to watch." Click here to watch the video. - Jeffrey Roland, Blitz Event TD

Andrea Botez, representing Canada, competes in the 2013 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls' Invitational in St. Louis

See continuous round by round coverage, with pairings and results, on Susan Polgar's blog and the Idaho Chess Association web site.

Additional coverage on the Webster University web site is located here and also here.

IM Guillermo Llanos of Argentina shakes hands with Idaho Chess Association President Jeffrey Roland on Board 1 of the 2013 SPFGI Friends and Family Bounty Tournament July 23, 2013 in St. Louis. The bounty is on the head of IM Llanos as anyone who beats him, or earns a draw, will win a special prize.

Click here to see more than 200 photos posted so far on Picasso from the tournament and the multiple side events and activities.


SPFGI Final Standings-Blitz Event, 7/22/13 SPFGI
(5 Double Rounds)

1st Place: 9 pts (Co-Champions)
• Margaret Hua (MO) (Winner of Blitz playoff)
• Becca Lampman (WA)

3rd Place (3-way tie): 8 pts
• Ellen Xiang (NH)
• Luisa Mendoza (COL)
• Katherine Vescovi (BRA)

6th Place: 7.5 pts
• Jackie Peng (CAN)

7th Place (6-way tie): 7 pts
• Alexandra Botez (CAN)
• Evan Xiang (TX)
• Jennifer Yu (VA)
• Kiana Hajiarbabi (KS)
• Anna Wyzywany (LA)
• Danitza Vasquez Maccarini (PR)

6.5 pts
• Katya Davis (NY)
• Thanu Avirneni (GA)
• Shayna Provine (IL)
• Andrea Botez (CAN)

6 pts
• Rebecca Deland (NM)
• Olga Cherapakhin (WA)
• Aiya Cancio (AZ)
• Cassie Parent (IL)
• Hiya Ghosh (CA)
• Anastacia Lopez Sanchez (MEX)

5.5 pts
• Carmen Pemsler (ID)
• Sasha Konovalenko (MI)
• Hannah Farell (OK)

5 pts
• Miranda Liu (IL)
• Janet Peng (CAN)
• Shreya Mangalam (IL)
• Amelia Wyzywany (LA)
• Diamond Abdus-Shakoor (MO)
• Anjana Murali (WI)
• Gisele Delgado (TX)
• Janice Evans (HI)

4.5 pts
• Heidi Darsey (NM)
• Jacinda Lee (UT)
• Tori Whatley (SC)

4 pts
• Sheena Zeng (KS)
• Katerina Baumgartner (OH)
• Ellison Van Scoy (OH)
• Jessica Ross (OR)
• Skylar Hsu (MD)
• Sara Lin (TX)
• Teresa Knecht (IA)
• Iris Zhou (MO)
• Isabel Brieler (MO)
• Alana McGuinness (RI)
• Sharzad Hajiarbabi (KS)
• Katlyn Bonnell (IN)
• Rebekah Farell (OK)

3.5 pts
• Talia Buxbaum (MS)

3 pts
• Madison Ford McKnight (PA)
• Baylie Redman (MT)

2 pts
• Elizabeth Miller (NY)
• Ioana Murgelet (TX)
• Ananya Murali (WI)
• Sarah Farell (OK)
• Anna Lee (UT)
• Sofia Saggiante (MEX)
• Kate Bergeron (LA)

Please Note: Ties are NOT listed in Tiebreak Order.