Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 National Chess Day Announced

From Michael Atkins, USCF Executive Board member:

"Moved that this year’s National Chess Day, Saturday Oct 12th, be promoted in Chess Life and CL Online by a program of free TLAs for tournaments with National Chess Day in the title and free rating fees as established in a recent motion. National Chess Day 2013 will be Saturday, October 12th. In order to promote National Chess Day as a day for special activities and promotion of chess throughout the country, the following is proposed:

Any Rated Beginner Open that includes "National Chess Day" in its TLA title gets both a free TLA and free rating fees.
Any 1-day event for Oct 12 which has "National Chess Day" in its TLA title gets a free TLA. Any 2-3 day event held over a period which encompasses Oct 12-13, which has "National Chess Day" in its TLA title, will get free TLA and free rating fees

For organizers/affiliates, In the TLA, be sure to mention National Chess Day in the title and that it actually happens on Saturday Oct 12, and then expect to receive an e-mail from the office explaining how to get the free rating fee.

Organizers are encouraged to submit articles and photographs for publication for Chess Life Magazine and Chess Life Online.

Affiliates are encouraged to plan a tournament or an event of any kind in order to promote chess on National Chess Day.

The USCF will send out at least one e-mail blast to all TDs and Affiliates before April 22 to enable organizers to have 6 weeks to plan events before the June 10 TLA deadline for getting Chess Life TLA's in August and September."

No doubt we will do something this year in Lexington, KY. Details will be posted when available.

Read about last year's National Chess Day events here