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4-way tie at Portland Centennial

FIDE Master Bindi Cheng, co-winner (photo: Andrei Botez)

Georgi Orlov, Nick Raptis, Bindi Cheng and Loren Laceste each scored five points in six rounds to finish deadlocked atop the 54-player Championship section of Portland Chess Club Centennial. Robert Herrara won the Amateur section with a perfect 6-0 score.

"A" for effort, A+ for results. Robert Herrara swept the Amatuer section prize with a perfect 6-0 score.

Click link for final results in the Championship section.

Click link for final results in the Amateur section.

View combined cross tables and links to my previous blogs covering this event (sincere thanks to Jeff Roland and the Idaho Chess Association for their help in making this coverage possible).

Here is one of the decisive round 6 games:

Andy Lee vs. Bindi Cheng
2011 Portland Centennial Open, Round 6
August 14, 2011

1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 d6 3. f4 g6 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Bb5+ Bd7 6. Bxd7+ Qxd7 7. O-O Nc6 8. d3 Rc8 9. Kh1 Nf6 10. f5 gxf5 11. Nh4 fxe4 12. Nf5 Rg8 13. Bg5 Bh8 14. Bxf6 Bxf6 15. Nxe4 Bxb2 16. Rb1 Be5 17. c3 b6 18. d4 cxd4 19. cxd4 Nxd4 20. Nxd4 Rc4 21. Qf3 Qg4 22. Nxd6+ Bxd6 23. Qa8+ Kd7 24. Qb7+ Rc7 25. Qd5 Rg5 26. Rf5 Rxf5 27. Nxf5 Qf4 28. g3 Rc1+ 29. Rxc1 Qxc1+ 30. Kg2 Qc6 (0-1)

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Co-champion IM Georgi Orlov of WA (photo credit: A. Botez)

Here's another last round game score for one of the co-winners (provided by Mike Morris):

Championship Section summary

5 points:
1 Georgi Orlov 2541 X- W16 W11 D7 W6 D3
2 Bindi Cheng 2386 W29 W14 W28 D3 D7 W10
3 Nick Raptis 2261 W31 W32 W33 D2 W8 D1
4 Loren Laceste 0 D27 W24 W22 D8 W11 W9 (pictured below)

4.5 points:
5 Daniel Gay 2120 W37 D6 D41 D26 W27 W15
6 Michael Lee 2437 X-- D5 W19 W27 L1 D14

4 points:
7 Howard Chen 2362 X-- W12 W40 D1 D2 U--
8 David Roper 2334 W30 W13 D20 D4 L3 W31
9 S Breckenridge 2267 D42 D36 W39 W20 W18 L4
10 Andy Lee 2267 W43 L28 W29 W41 W16 L2
11 Carl Haessler 2200 X-- W47 L1 W40 L4 W28
12 Peter Lessler 2114 W45 L7 W47 L16 W41 W33
13 Igor Ummel 2097 W50 L8 D48 W38 D21 W22
14 Nathan Lee 2085 W52 L2 D38 W48 W17 D6

3.5 points:
15 Joshua Sinanan2 288 D34 W48 L27 W33 W28 L5
16 Corbin Yu 2162 W44 L1 W36 W12 L10 D20
17 John Williams 2146 L33 D21 W54 W37 L14 W34
18 Andy May 2129 L47 W44 W50 W34 L9 D21
19 Paul Bartron 2104 D49 W42 L6 L21 W45 W36
20 James Chan 1938 W25 W23 D8 L9 D26 D16
21 Alexandru Florea 1930 L26 D17 W49 W19 D13 D18

3 points:
22 Radu Roua 2269 X--- L40 L4 W32 W42 L13
23 David Bragg 2212 W35 L20 W31 L28 D34 H-
24 David Golub 2188 L32 L4 D51 W54 W37 D27
25 Roger Patterson 2179 L20 D35 H- D44 W38 D29
26 Michael Pendergast 2177 W21 L33 W32 D5 D20 U-
27 Mike Janniro 2071 D4 W54 W15 L6 L5 D24
28 Megan Lee 2059 W38 W10 L2 W23 L15 L11
29 Samir Sen 2052 L2 W52 L10 D36 W48 D25
30 Alexandra Botez 2035 L8 L50 L44 W49 W47 W42
31 Bill Heywood 2000 L3 W46 L23 W52 W39 L8
32 Brian Esler 1984 W24 L3 L26 L22 W50 W41
33 Jason Cigan 1880 W17 W26 L3 L15 W40 L12

2.5 points:
34 Carl Koontz 2027 D15 W51 H--- L18 D23 L17
35 Roberto Aiello 1992 L23 D25 L37 L45 W52 W48
36 David Inglis 1937 H-- D9 L16 D29 W44 L19
37 H G Pitre 1839 L5 D53 W35 L17 L24 W52
38 Ryan Lo unr. L28 W43 D14 L13 L25 W46

2 points:
39 Roland Feng 2074 L48 W45 L9 W47 L31 U--
40 Richard Gutman 2068 W46 W22 L7 L11 L33 U-
41 Steven Deeth 2062 H--- W49 D5 L10 L12 L32
42 Mikeal Davis 2015 D9 L19 H--- W50 L22 L30
43 Preston Polasek 2007 L10 L38 H- W46 U- D44
44 Mark Havrilla 1923 L16 L18 W30 D25 L36 D43
45 Ben Chu Kung 1817 L12 L39 D46 W35 L19 H--

1.5 points:
46 John Doknjas 1931 L40 L31 D45 L43 W54 L38
47 Todd Imada 1875 W18 L11 L12 L39 L30 H--
48 Joe Roback 1960 W39 L15 D13 L14 L29 L35

1 point:
49 Dan Mathews 1800 D19 L41 L21 L30 H-- U--
50 Calvin Parnon 1753 L13 W30 L18 L42 L32 U-
51 Jonathan Fortune 1616 H- L34 D24 U- U- U-
52 George Lundy 1440 L14 L29 B- L31 L35 L37

53 Michael Morris 2052 U- D37 U- U- U-- U--
54 Allen Chalfen 1853 H- L27 L17 L24 L46 U-

Amateur section summary - 3 or more points:

6 points:
1 Robert Herrera 1985 W97 W37 W22 W5 W25 W6

5.5 points:
2 Robert Fisette 1860 W79 W43 D53 W41 W14 W8
3 Kun Jack Cheng 1767 W115 W91 W19 W11 D6 W16

5 points:
4 Vlajko Lakic 1909 W112 W54 L5 W27 W23 W21
5 Micah A Smith 1806 W84 W80 W4 L1 W18 W20

4.5 points:
6 Doug Sterclik 1976 W60 W39 W23 W38 D3 L1
7 Larry Ball1955 D15 W58 L42 W111 W28 W25
8 Jerry Sherrard 1933 W30 W40 D35 W53 W12 L2
9 Ethan J Peake 1907 L76 W63 W74 W57 W51 D11
10 Joseph Kiiru 1872 W78 W71 L38 W59 D44 W39
11 Marcus Robinson 1843 W81 W29 W59 L3 W38 D9
12 Jofrel Landingin H--- W46 W85 W42 L8 W44
13 Evan Whipple 1800 L114 D48 W124 W79 W85 W33
14 Matt Dalthorp 1698 D68 W116 W50 W35 L2 W34
15 Nick Figone 1583 D7 L92 W66 W54 W41 W49

Pictured above is Matt Dalthorp, one of the Amateur Section prize winners in the under-1800 category.

4 points:
16 Diwakar Rana 1912 D46 W111 D44 W43 W22 L3
17 David Bannon 1892 L113 W82 W30 D29 W42 H-
18 Pete Pritchett 1872 W77 L26 W75 W73 L5 W56
19 Paul Leblanc 1854 W100 W27 L3 W45 D26 D29
20 Edward Addis 1849 W47 W73 D26 D24 W31 L5
21 Michael Goffe 1836 W62 W45 H-- D26 W32 L4
22 Jeremy Krasin 1830 W48 W96 L1 W80 L16 W57
23 LD VanWeerdhuizen W82 W113 L6 W107 L4 W58
25 Jason Ellis 1800 W102 W31 W32 W69 L1 L7
26 Luke Robson 1763 W126 W18 D20 D21 D19 D24
27 Maxwell Sun 1702 W122 L19 W87 L4 W67 W50
28 Robert Allen 1700 D67 W117 W92 D34 L7 W51
29 Steven Witt 1697 W89 L11 W90 D17 W35 D19
30 David Hendricks 1548 L8 W120 L17 W122 W93 W55
31 Jenesis Bugaoan W57 L25 W96 W52 L20 W53

3.5 points:
32 Peter Watts 1934 W74 W70 L25 W37 L21 D43
33 Dan Copeland 1931 W75 L53 W60 W71 D34 L13
34 Severo Caluza 1829 H- W124 W88 D28 D33 L14
35 Noah Fields 1825 W65 W76 D8 L14 L29 W74
36 Collin Goldman L85 L83 W102 W100 D46 W75
37 Robert Malone 1795 W87 L1 W77 L32 D76 W84
38 Scott Levin 1795 W103 W110 W10 L6 L11 D45
39 Ted Lundin 1789 W104 L6 W61 H--- W89 L10
40 Kyle Haining 1786 W66 L8 L80 W62 W99 D47
41 Becca Lampman 1782 H- W125 W67 L2 L15 W76
42 Jim McAleer 1766 D107 W119 W7 L12 L17 W90
43 Quentin Chi 1719 W108 L2 W84 L16 W80 D32
44 Nathan Armstrong W118 D50 D16 W91 D10 L12
45 Bryan Shapiro 1631 W123 L21 W64 L19 W92 D38
46 Sangeeta Dhingra 1541 D16 L12 W117 D92 D36 W70
47 Frederick Davis 1455 L20 W123 D54 W72 D53 D40
48 Dhruva Chatterjee 1408 L22 D13 L55 W116 W95 W73

3 points:
49 Roland Eagles 1983 L59 L84 W101 W88 W96 L15
50 William Karr 1863 W61 D44 L14 H--- W59 L27
51 David Wen 1828 W63 L59 W112 W86 L9 L28
52 Gordon Higbie 1805 W101 L86 W113 L31 W98 U-
53 Aaron Nicoski 1771 W106 W33 D2 L8 D47 L31
54 Casy Bush 1764 W120 L4 D47 L15 D81 W85
55 Stephen Buck 1728 D116 L88 W48 D68 W86 L30
56 Siva Narayanan 1727 H- L107 D104 W63 W77 L18
57 David Yoshinaga 1700 L31 W101 W114 L9 W106 L22
58 Dan Kramlich 1640 H-- L7 W65 D67 W91 L23
59 Alan Walk 1623 W49 W51 L11 L10 L50 W103
60 William Gagnon 1600 L6 W115 L33 D81 W87 D68
61 Arliss Dietz 1500 L50 W118 L39 D90 D109 W102
62 Austin Nguyen 1424 L21 L64 W126 L40 W119 W106
63 Dillon Murray 1407 L51 L9 W108 L56 W104 W96
64 James Wang 1396 L73 W62 L45 L77 W108 W99
65 Mark S Hanna 1376 L35 D93 L58 W115 W72 H--
66 Nathan Jewell 1146 L40 H-- L15 W78 D97 W98
67 Sadrac Chery D28 W72 L41 D58 L27 W97
68 Joshua Doknjas D14 W95 L24 D55 D73 D60

Pictured above is FM Nick Raptis, winner of the blitz side event and co-champion of the Championship section.

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