Thursday, July 14, 2011

Janniro & Deeth are 2011 Oregon Senior Chess Co-champions

Morgan watches the game of his owner, Jerrold Richards, at the 2011 Oregon Senior Open held in Oregon City on July 9, 2011.

Mike Janniro and Steven Deeth tied for first place in the 17-player Oregon Senior Chess Championship held in Oregon City on the weekend of July 9-10, 2011. The co-champions played to a draw in the final round. Both players had three wins and two draws in the five round event for a total of four points. Five players finished within a half point of each other in the hotly contested tournament. Carl Koontz, champion of the host Oregon City/West Linn Chess Club, earned a tie for third place at 3 ½ points with Bill Heywood and Roland Eagles.

Eagles also took the title of over-60 champion while Gerry Reiner had 3 points to earn the over-70 title as well as the under-1800 prize. Greg Markowski and Stephan Pettengill shared under-1600 honors. Dave Prideaux, playing in his first rated tournament, was the under-1400 winner.

A permanent trophy was purchased by the host club in honor of the club’s founder who recently passed away. Known as the Dr. Ralph Hall Memorial Award, the trophy will be engraved each year with the names of the Oregon Senior Chess Champions. This year’s co-champions will also receive individual engraved trophies commemorating their victory. The awards will be presented at a ceremony in honor of Dr. Hall during the Portland Chess Club Centennial Open in August.

The tournament was organized by the Oregon Chess Federation, directed by Frank Niro, and sponsored by the Geezer Gallery (

Following is the cross table for the 2011 Oregon Senior Chess Championship:

1 JANNIRO, MIKE 2071 2086 W--11 W---5 W---6 D---3 D---2 4.0
2 DEETH, STEVEN 2062 2074 W--14 W--10 D---3 W---6 D---1 4.0
3 KOONTZ, CARL 2027 2033 W--16 W--14 D---2 D---1 D---5 3.5
4 HEYWOOD, BILL 2000 2000 W---8 L---6 H---0 W--14 W--17 3.5
5 EAGLES, ROLAND 1983 1989 W---9 L---1 W--15 W--10 D---3 3.5
6 GUTMAN, RICHARD 2068 2062 W---7 W---4 L---1 L---2 W--10 3.0
7 REINER, GERALD 1603 1608 L---6 L---8 H---0 W--11 W--14 2.5
8 MARKOWSKI, GREG 1377 1419 L---4 W---7 D--14 W--13 L---9 2.5
9 PETTENGILL, STEve 1269 1353 L---5 L--11 D--13 W--16 W---8 2.5
10 BURRIS, CHRIS 1788 1783 W--12 L---2 W--11 L---5 L---6 2.0
11 GREGER, TOM 1656 1640 L---1 W---9 L--10 L---7 W--16 2.0
12 PRIDEAUX, DAVE UNR 1281 L--10 L--14 L--16 B---0 W--13 2.0
13 RICHARDS, JERROLD 1244 1252 L--15 W--16 D---9 L---8 L--12 1.5
14 BERGER, BRIAN 1569 1551 L---2 W--12 D---8 L---4 L---7 1.5
15 BANNER, RICHARD 1800 1800 W--13 L---3 L---5 H---0 U---0 1.5
16 DIETZ, ARLISS 1500 1500 L---3 L--13 W--12 L---9 L--11 1.0
17 NIRO, FRANK 1703 1700 H---0 U---0 U---0 U---0 L---4 0.5

Next year's event will be at the same site on July 7-8, 2012