Thursday, June 25, 2009

In a Blink

Recently I took a writing class with Jami Bernard and "met" Stacy Stenberg Jensen. Stacy is writing a fabulous memoir about coping after her husband became paralyzed. While perusing facebook I discovered her blog and recommend it for anyone needing cheering up during tough times, or who simply likes to read good writing.

Here is Stacy's story in her own words:

As a journalist, I have always shared the stories of people in my community. Today, I'm am writing a book In a Blink, about the challenges my late husband Jimmy and I faced following a one in a million stroke. We faced physical, emotional and financial struggles. In a Blink is our story, but many can relate to the challenges of being a caregiver and a spouse.

I write about caregiving issues at and I help my dog Eddie write about life, political and four-legged issues at I work as a freelance writer.

My husband Andy and I have been exploring Texas and its state parks since we moved to the Border Town of Del Rio, Texas. We enjoy travel and adventure. We share our home with our furry friends, who offer an assortment of adventures.

Stacy S. Jensen

Stacy has provided me with encouragement and support as I attempt to complete my own memoir. Check her out at Stacy Writes.

If you have a facebook account, please look me up. New friends will be treasured as such.

Best wishes,
Frank Niro