Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Action Dan" Harrington

When I first attended Boston’s Boylston Chess Club in 1971, Harry Lyman, Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie and Steve Frymer were among the regulars there. I admit that Dan Harrington is more of an acquaintance than a friend (and a friend of many friends) but his inspirational impact on my life has been significant. Our first face-to-face conversation (1972) and our more recent (2004) were 32 years apart. During the intervening period, he has inspired many people.

Dan Harrington’s accomplishments include successful bankruptcy attorney, 1971 Massachusetts State Chess Champion, Backgammon World Cup winner, and 1995 World Champion of Poker (WSOP). His tournament winnings of $4,400,000 make him the 16th all-time money winner in the sport of tournament poker(as of this writing: early 2006).

Remarkably, more than half his winnings have come since the age of 55! He was the only player at the WSOP main event final tables in both 2003 (839 entrants) and 2004 (over 2500 entrants). He also finished 6th at the WSOP main event in 1987. He now has the distinction of finishing at the final table of the Big One in three different decades. This is a truly remarkable feat considering that he has always been a part-time poker player.

Dan has recently published two popular books on the game of No Limit Texas Hold’Em (considered the ‘Cadillac of Poker’, a phrase coined by Doyle Brunson):

His books can be purchased directly from the publisher here:

Further biographical information and poker tournament results for Dan Harrington can be found here:

Dan Harrington is still going strong as evidenced by his $50,000 tournament win at the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) San Jose event February 27, 2006. He finished second at the televised WPT Las Vegas tournament in October 2005, earning $620,730.

Then there is this: