Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Tree

My mother, Frances Flaherty Niro (1927-1988), high school graduation photo taken in 1944

I will utilize this blog post to accumulate geneology information concerning my ancestors. This will be an ongoing process and take some time to complete -- if it could ever be complete...

Starting with the oldest line first:


1 Thomas Tufts b. 1505 Norfolk, England
2 Peter Tufts (1538-1580) Gissing Norfolk, England
3 James Tufts (1564-1625) South Lopham, England
4 Peter Tuffs (1589-??) Norfolk, England
5 Mary Tuffs Fowle (1613-1676) m. George Fowle (abt1610-1682) and emigrated from Kent, England (map) to America in 1638, Charlestown, MA
6 James Fowle (1643-1690) Woburn, MA
7 James Fowle (1667-1714) Woburn, MA
8 Samuel Fowle (1705-1793) Woburn, MA
9 Joshua Fowle (1733-1779) Woburn, MA
10 Samuel Fowles (1764/5-1847) Whitefield, ME
11 Asa Fowles (1790-1870) Searsmont, ME
12 Samuel Fowles (1821-1887) Searsmont, ME
13 William Loren (Lowring) Fowles (1851-1929) Searsmont, ME (ma. Nellie Ladd, July 13, 1876 -- see Ladd line listed below)
14 Burton Fowles (1881-1958) Belfast, ME
15 Alberta Fowles Flaherty (1907-1973) Milford, MA
16 Frances Flaherty Niro (1927-1988) Milford, MA
17 Francis (Frank) Niro b. 1948

Sources: Descendants of George Fowle (1610/11?-1682) of Charlestown, Massachusetts, Compiled by Eugene Chalmers Fowle (NEHGS Boston 1990) and Irving-fam com (click link to see start of tree)

Gravesite of my Great Grandparents in Belfast, Maine
My maternal grandmother Alberta Fowles Flaherty (1907-1973) Draper Park, Milford, MA 1941
House in Belfast, ME where my maternal grandmaother, Alberta Fowles Flaherty, once lived (as it looked in 1989)
My Great Uncle Roy Fowles (Fred L. Fowles, b. 1910, brother of Alberta Fowles Flaherty), taken in Milford, MA 1969

(Ladd Line)

1 Nathaniel Ladd (abt 1596-1632) Witshire, England (link)
2 Daniel Ladd (1613-1693) Haverhill, MA (link)
3 Nathaniel Ladd (1651-1691) mortally wounded in fight with Indians at Maquoit, ME, August 11, 1691
4 John Ladd (b.1689) Exeter, NH
5 Nathaniel Ladd (b.1741) Kingston, NH
6 Benjamin Ladd (b.1753) Deerfield, NH
7 Benjamin Ladd (b.1814) Searsmoint, ME
8 Nancy "Nellie" Ladd (b.1851) married Lewis "Loren" Fowles, July 13, 1876, the same 13 William Loren (Lowring) Fowles (1851-1929) Searsmont, ME listed in the Fowle line above.

(Merrill Line)

1 John Merrell (d.1600) Wherstead, England
2 Nathaniel Merrell (1592-1626) Wherstead, England
3 Nathaniel Merrell (Merrill) (1601-1654), emigrated from Wiltshire, England to America abt 1635, Newbury, MA
4 Daniel Merrill (1642-1717) Salisbury, MA
5 Moses Merrill (1683-1756) Salisbury, MA
6 Daniel Merrill (1723-1809) New Gloucester, ME
7 Joseph Merrill (1744-1786) New Gloucester, ME
8 Elizabeth Merrill Pumpelly (1771-1843) Turner, ME, ma. Bennett Pompilly (Pumpelly), son of John and Appy (Meijers) Pompilly. Revolutionary war note: Bennett Pompilly (1761-1834) enlisted, 1776, when but 15 years of age in Capt. John Turner's company, from Pembroke, MA, which marched to Rhode Island; in 1780 was with General Washington at Camp Totoway, NJ. He was born in Duxbury, MA; died in Turner, ME.
9 John Pumpelly (1880-1882) Brooks, ME
10 Chandler Pilley (1832-1887) Brooks, ME
11 Abby Jane Pilley Fowles (1880-1927) Belfast, ME, ma. 14 Burton Fowles (1881-1958) Belfast, ME, listed in the Fowle lineage above. Abby and Burt's gravestone is pictured above.

Click here for published lineage for this line back to 1444.