Friday, October 10, 2008

Jane Olivor on YouTube

There are several videos containing Jane Olivor songs currently on YouTube. Go here to see/hear I Believe. From there you can navigate to many other great songs by Jane, including her duet with Johnny Mathis.

I also listed some of the other links on my new "EMBRYOS" blog, which I will continue to update in the near future. This is a place where I will put the writing that is percolating and marinating in my mind. These pieces are in various stages of completion. Some require further research and fact checking. Some require just the time to sit and write. Once each is complete, I will move it to one of my main blogs. Your input is welcome.

L'Important C'est La Rose

Vincent (you may want to pause it at the beginning and give it time to load before playing)

Stay the Night

Annie's Song

The Last Time I felt Like This

Go here to see my works in progress...