Monday, March 3, 2008

Chessville interview with Paul Truong

Part of the family of Susan Polgar and Paul Truong.
Go here to see the interview with Paul Truong published yesterday on Chessville. Paul is a former chess champion of South Vietnam and is now married to Women's World Chess Champion Susan Polgar. Both Paul and Susan are good friends of mine, and the inspirational lives of both are presented in my upcoming book. Both are currently serving as elected members of the 7-member Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation.

Typical of the world of chess politics known as the "Black & White Jungle", Susan & Paul are hounded by a nemesis...a convicted felon by the name of Sam Sloan who appears to have no other purpose in life than to make trouble for others.

Since he has recently began attcking me, I will be giving my view of the situation during the coming weeks. In addition, I have agreed to contriute material to the Chessville web site, which is one of the best web sites out there concerning the game of chess and its colorful personalities.