Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween

Quote of the Day: "The 2004 World Championship was for our parents and grandparents. This win is for us...and for our children!" -- Larry Lucchino, co-owner of the Boston Red Sox (newly crowned 2007 World Baseball Champions).

Tash & I drove to Seattle for the weekend to attend Delilah's annual Halloween costume party. You can take the Red Sox fan out of Boston, but you can't....well, you know!

Jenna (Nascar outfit) and Chris (a/k/a Jack) had the best costumes, in our opinion. Rumor has it that they stopped by the local Jack-in-the-Box on the way to the party and terrorized a few of the young employees who thought it was the real Jack.

We were reunited with three old friends pictured here: Carla (our favorite waitress), Billy (our favorite chef) and Charlyn (our favorite architect).

Here we are with Carolyn and Stewart and Sandy (the pet dog from the Broadway play, Annie)

We stopped by the proposed site for Delilah's new restaurant where chef Billy presumably, before long, will be singing for our supper. It needs work, especially a new paint job, but is in a great location. Just a few blocks from author Debbie Macomber's office, look for the building to be embedded in the plot of one of Debbie's future novels. The restaurant is located in "Cedar Cove", the fictional town that is the setting for many of her books (shown below in a photo I took this past summer).

Our old ally, "Guts", stayed in the background and out of trouble this year.

Kitten napping in a pumpkin courtesy of Planet Wally: Avatars.

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